Playlist Overkill


When a customer mentions they have a few tunes they would love to have their Wedding DJ or Party DJ play at their forthcoming event, we are more than happy to oblige, however, lately clients have been going overboard with not just a few tracks but up to 100 or more! That’s equal to 7 hours of music & somewhat more than a typical function running time of 4 or 5 hours….
Also we see more people supply a Spotify playlist as another example, with a complete evening of party music playing a very personal selection of music complete with gaps between the tracks, thus breaking the mood of moment!
This very situation happened recently with a one of our Party DJs at an 18th Birthday party.
The young lady asked that her Spotify playlist heard from the first tune to the last & I was to just keep an eye on the fluctuating volume levels. Our guests just stood around waiting for our Party DJ to commence with the show, but nooo….just Spotify! Inevitably the guests started to ask ‘do you take requests?’ & of course I do, but that would mean me taking over, so we got to the last hour before I did just that. Guess what? The dance floor filled & filled & filled to the point of capacity.

I played those requests & stepped into my choice of suitable dance floor favourites with the atmosphere now suitably recovered!So the morel of the story is…
Let your Wedding DJ or Party DJ be the DJ, after all he has experience.
Or next time please just hire a speaker or two & plug in your Spotify playing device to be bored Sh*tless!

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